General SCCSA Information

In keeping with current State Legislation smoking is not permitted within the following areas: official’s tents, erected marquees, playing areas, toilets and food outlets. The area of a playing field includes the technical area and the spectator areas of each playing field. All School grounds are non smoking.
In accordance with the SCCSA By-Laws, no alcohol is to be consumed at Association sanctioned games or training.
Under SCCSA by-laws, NO DOGS are permitted on SCCSA controlled grounds for fixtures, finals, training, representative games or carnivals.
Home Grounds / Teams
A clearly identified Home Ground Official must be in attendance whilst games are in progress. Seating for coaches, managers and reserves must be provided at least 1 metre from one touch line, either side of the centre line or flag. (Under 11s up) A barrier, 2 metres from the touch lines, and parallel to them must be in place.
No one is allowed behind the goal lines. Games must start and finish on time – no period of grace is permitted. Five minutes before the scheduled kick off time, each team shall give the referee a properly completed team sheet and one match ball.
The Home Team is the team that is listed first in the fixtures. When two teams from the same soccer club are playing each other, or where there is a clash of playing strip colours, the ‘away’ team must change strip or wear bibs for the game.
Team Sheets (please print)
These must be filled out, signed by the team manager or coach and handed to the referee five minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. Under 6, 7 & 8s do not need to sign and team sheets are to be handed into the canteen. All other players must sign before entering the field of play.
Please encourage players to sign full name If a player is late, place their name on the sheet and have them sign the team sheet as soon as possible. When a player is ‘playing up’, their registered age group is to be placed beside his name on the team sheet.
After the game, the team managers shall check with the referee and sign the team sheet again to confirm the results. For competitive age groups, the coach/ manager will inform the referee of their choice for the best and fairest player from the opposing team.
If the player/coach etc sustains an injury during the game or at training then an incident report must be completed. We need to stress the importance of this due to the possibility that this could result in an insurance claim. An Incident Claim Form needs to be completed by your club secretary and sent into the SCCSA within ONE (1) WEEK of sustaining injury these can be acquired by emailing
Playing Up
A player cannot play up more than one age division without prior, written permission from the Association. Coaches & managers should be aware of the physical limitations of young players playing in a higher age division.
No player may play down a division without prior, written permission from the Association. This must be attached to the Team Sheet Book. A player must be turning 10 (ten) or older to play in fixtures competitions.
“A” division players may not play down in a “B” division game in the same age group, or cross play All players (including those playing up) must play 4 (four) fixtures in the same team to be eligible to play in the finals series for that team. Players that play up in a higher division 6 (six) times must remain in a higher age division team for the remainder of the season. A player may only play in the finals series in one team and in one age group.
Representative Players
Representative player trials are held at the end of the season so that squads/teams may be selected for the following year State Titles. Usual teams are:-U10 North, U10 South U10 Central, U11 North, U11 South, U11 Central, U12 North, U12 South, U13 North, U13 South, U13 Girls,U14 North, U14 South, U16 Sth, U16 Nth, U16 Girls North, U16 Girls South, U18, Senior Men, Ladies. Contact your secretary for further details.
Only 5 representative players are allowed in one club team unless all the Rep players are ‘home grown’
Coaches and Managers must wear distinguishing badges or shirts and should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner from the technical (interchange) area.
Coaches and managers are responsible for the well being of their players and for them being correctly attired throughout the game; i.e. shirts tucked in, socks pulled up, shin guards in place, no sharp studs. No jewellery is to be worn
Coaches and managers are responsible for the well being of their players and for them being correctly attired throughout the game; i.e. shirts tucked in, socks pulled up, shin guards in place, no sharp studs. No jewellery is to be worn
Both team sheets and any reports are to be given to the Ground Official or Canteen who will E-mail all scores from that venue to the match controller on Sunday before 7pm.n.
Forfeits The forfeiting team must notify both the opposing team and the match controller by 5pm on the preceding day of the fixture. The match controller will notify the referee. The forfeiting team will be responsible for the referee’s fee if insufficient notice is given. The opposing team will receive 3 goals and 3 points for a forfeit.
Wet Weather
(a) If only one (1) ground-hosting club advice that their grounds can be played on, then there will be cancellation across the board of all matches.
(b) If two (2) or more ground hosting clubs advise that their grounds can be played on, then the competition will continue with the competitive age groups that are not able to play, having their games rescheduled to a time and venue to be advised by admin.
(c) When hosting clubs advise that their grounds are unable to be played on, those games scheduled to be played at these grounds can be rescheduled by the SCCSA Match Controller to an alternative venue that is still playable on that same day. The decision to reschedule games to an alternative field must be made no later than 6.30 pm on the Thursday prior to play (earlier if possible). Only the club official is to contact the match controller in this regard. Under no circumstances are club coaches, managers or parents to contact the match controller on Saturday mornings.
For game cancellations and regular updates players & parents should; visit our website, our Facebook page or telephone the coach/ manager of your team. Games are not cancelled simply because it is raining.
U11/12 – Corner Kick
Corner Kicks (Short Corners): the Corner mark is to be placed 25m from the Centre of goals on the goal line.
Goal Kicks (Long Goal Kicks): goal kicks may be taken in line with six yard line (goal area) and as far out as the penalty Spot. Attacking team must remain 9.15m (10 yards) from the ball until the ball is in play.
Free Kicks by Defending Team Free: kicks awarded to the defending team within their own penalty area may be taken anywhere within the penalty area.
Note: For all Corner Kicks, Goal Kicks and Free Kicks opponents must remain at least 9.15m (10 yards) from the ball until the ball is in play.